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Skills to challenge the future.


The Kindergarten at Seven Cs by Gateway provides your pre-schooler with an environment that encourages their inherent curiosity about the world. It also provides age appropriate tools to aid their learning all while being physically and psychologically safe. Based on the 7 Cs of 21 st century learning, your child will observe, question, learn and grow intellectually, emotionally, morally, culturally and physically. The unique curriculum and modern space together with professional and experienced staff will provide personalised attention to ensure your little learner develops into a creative, independent, collaborative and confident child.

Programme Details
The Seven Cs Kindergarten curriculum is exclusively based on the 7 Cs that span the breadth and depth of learning, teaching children what they need to know today while equipping them with skills to face new challenges in their future.


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Critical Thinking

Children learn to observe, reflect and thus conceptualise and develop their own ideas. They learn to reason logically using step-by-step thinking and solve problems by working through the details and testing possible solutions. Children also develop their sense of inquiry and exploration as well as mathematical concepts, from identifying and counting numbers to simple addition and subtraction.


Young learners learn about and engage with a broad range of media, singing songs, making music, dancing and role playing. They also learn to craft safely using a variety of tools, techniques and materials and play with colour, design and texture. Ultimately children learn to express their ideas and emotions through these formats in lively, inventive and original ways.


Children learn to play and work with each other, responding to others’ needs and feelings with sensitivity and forming positive and reciprocal relationships with other children and adults. They also learn to identify the various technology used at school and home and utilise it to achieve different purposes in their life, both individually and collaboratively.


The stimulating environment of the Kindergarten provides ample opportunity for children to learn to express themselves and communicate with others while simultaneously developing their language skills. Children learn to listen, understand and respond appropriately to both the content of others’ speech as well as other cues; read and write using phonetics; and speak in public in an authentic manner.


The Kindergarten provides a safe space for children to learn about people, places and communities while talking about the traditions and practices of their own families and community. Children learn to understand and appreciate both similarities and differences as well as to treat others with respect. They also learn about nature, its important role in their lives and how to best conserve it.


Children develop self-awareness, self-confidence, values, ethics and physical competence. Children learn to be aware of their feelings and to express them without judgment in a safe space, as well as learn ideas of fairness, honesty, responsibility, gratitude and politeness. They begin to learn the difference between what is right and what is wrong and to always be kind and helpful to others. Young learners also develop gross and fine motor skills demonstrating control and coordination and the confidence to engage in both familiar and unfamiliar activities as well as make simple decisions.


Children learn to manage their feelings and behaviour, talking about their own and others’ behaviour and resulting consequences while learning to adapt their own behaviour for their own and others’ wellbeing. They also learn the basics of health and self-care including physical exercise, a balanced diet, personal hygiene and safety. Motivated and engaged in their activities, they are able to relax and have fun while occupied in meaningful work.

Discover. Become.

Register at Seven Cs and have the opportunity to learn with purpose and ultimately prepare for and thrive in the future.