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Day Care

The Seven Cs Day Care Centre has been purposefully designed to provide an optimal space for your child’s continued growth. A safe environment that also encourages inquiry and learning, it helps children develop important skills. Younger children learn, through play, emotional skills, language skills, cognitive skills and motor skills while also gaining a physical education. Older children learn to regulate their behaviour, develop order and trust in their lives and gain confidence.

Programme Details
The Seven Cs Day Care Centre ensures a safe and comfortable environment for all children while executing a carefully designed curriculum that helps foster early development for young children and serves as additional educational support for older children.

Emotional skills

Children develop trust as they connect with their caregivers while learning how to interact with other children their age and of other ages in a friendly and caring manner while learning and respecting boundaries.

Social skills

Learning to operate on a schedule appropriate to their age allows children to learn to regulate their own behaviour while the consistency of the programme inspires in them confidence to face their tasks and pursue their interests with passion.

Language skills

The Day Care Centre programme includes an intelligently designed language curriculum designed by age and incorporates all facets of language education.

Cognitive skills

Working on a schedule, young children learn to understand patterns with positive implications for academic education and life. Older children learn organisational skills that help them tackle their school work and will be of immense use in adult life.

Physical education

Children also engage in physical education classes best suited for their age. Children learn perseverance and teamwork while inculcating the important habit of regular exercise.

Motor skills development

The Day Care Centre functions as a secure space for younger children to develop their motor skills via age appropriate tasks that incorporate colour, play and fun.

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